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Course Descriptions

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The Master’s in Information Systems program design is based on a competency model. The student progresses through several tiers of courses acquiring more complex skills and knowledge. The following outlines the various course tiers.

Fundamentals Course:
(May be waived based on experience and is determined during the admissions review process)

These courses are required modules for students starting the program in Spring 2009 or later.

Core Courses:
(All four are required of all students)

Advanced Courses:
(All students must complete a total of six advanced courses)

* Thesis Option:
Students have the option to choose to do a masters thesis.  Students must complete IS 799 over the course of two semesters (3 credits each semester). Students must also choose a thesis advisor from the department and form a three member committee that oversees and accepts the thesis. An MS Thesis defense must be scheduled with your advisor and committee. Student must present this defense in person and the student is responsible for scheduling and travel arrangements. The thesis must be pre-approved by the advisor and submitted to the thesis committee at least four weeks prior to the proposal or final defense.