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IS 631 Management Information Systems (3 credits)

IS 631: Management Information Systems (3 credits)

This course presents the applications of information systems in business processes and operations, in managerial decision-making, and in the strategic planning of organizations.

The course covers information systems management fundamentals to include such factors as:

  • The information environment,
  • Decision-making,
  • The systems approach,
  • The management of information systems, and
  • The integration of information systems with an organization’s management systems.

CO-requisite: IS 607.


At the completion of the course, students will show the following competencies:

1. Mastery of basic principles of information systems: what they are, how they affect the organization and its employees, and how they can make businesses competitive and efficient.

2. Understanding the role of information systems in capturing and distributing organizational knowledge and in enhancing managerial decision-making.

3. Applying information technology to redesign the organization, to include its products, services, procedures, jobs, and management structures.