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IS 671 Electronic Commerce (3 credits)

IS 671 Electronic Commerce (3 credits)

This course will analyze how organizations are using electronic commerce to streamline operations, reach customers, and increase profitability. The technologies involved in electronic commerce will be examined. The organizational, behavioral, social, legal, security, and international aspects of EC will be discussed. The primary emphasis will be on Web based technologies and issues. This course will reflect the most current research and application. The course will mainly focus on e-commerce from a B2B and CRM point of view.

Students must successfully complete IS 634 prior to enrolling for this course.

In this course the students will mainly learn about:

  • The different concepts that drive e-business,
  • What the underlying technologies that make e-commerce possible look like,
  • How the constantly-evolving Internet technologies and their corresponding capabilities can be implemented on business practices,
  • The challenges of establishing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) e-commerce relationships,
  • The issues that need to be taken into consideration for improving efficiency in e-business,
  • National and global considerations of e-commerce.