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IS 632 Networks (3 credits)

IS 632: Networks (3 credits)

This course provides the fundamentals of network technologies, such as public-switched network, wide area networks, and local area networks, from the perspective of the current and future needs. The course also covers network architectures, networking standards, digital and analog signaling, the various transmission media, as well as equipment, applications, and services.

A basic introduction to the science of data communications is followed by an in-depth treatment of the TCP/IP stack. All basic concepts related to the following topics are covered with related to current networking practice:

  • Data Transmission
    • Transmission Media
    • Local Asynchronous Communication (RS-232)
    • Long-Distance Communication (Carriers, Modulation, And Modems)
  • Packet Transmission
    • Packets, Frames, And Error Detection
    • LAN Technologies And Network Topology
    • Hardware Addressing And Frame Type Identification
    • LAN Wiring, Physical Topology, And Interface Hardware
    • Extending LANs: Fiber Modems, Repeaters, Bridges, and
    • Switches Long-Distance Digital Connection Technologies
    • WAN Technologies And Routing
    • Connection-Oriented Networking And ATM
    • Network Characteristics: Ownership, Service Paradigm, And Performance
    • Protocols And Layering
  • Internetworking
    • Internetworking: Concepts, Architecture, and Protocols 29
    • IP: Internet Protocol Addresses
    • Binding Protocol Addresses (ARP)
    • IP Datagrams And Datagram Forwarding
    • IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation, And Reassembly
    • The Future IP (IPv6)
    • An Error Reporting Mechanism (ICMP)
    • TCP: Reliable Transport Service
    • Internet Routing
  • Network Applications
    • Client-Server Interaction
    • The Socket Interface
    • Naming With The Domain Name System
    • Electronic Mail Representation And Transfer
    • File Transfer And Remote File Access
    • World Wide Web Pages And Browsing
    • RPC and Middleware
    • Network Management (SNMP)
    • Network Security
    • Initialization (Configuration)

Pre-requisite: IS 607.