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Online MS Student and Alumni Testimonials

The Experience

“For someone who has a full-time job and a family, there is no better way to do this.”

“This was a fantastic program! I cannot express how happy I am that I chose UMBC to obtain my master’s degree. I was very impressed with all of the courses and professors. I learned a great deal that directly correlates to my job and will benefit from it now and in the future.”

“Nothing was glossed over. This was no ‘diploma mill’ program. I learned a great deal and I was able to immediately put into action at the office what I learned in class.”

“I appreciated the pace and flexibility since I am currently working 55 hrs. per week, this format was a perfect fit to my schedule. Overall, the professors came across as actively engaged with the class.”


The Classes

“The courses were a great mix of technical and high-level content. I feel I have gained an excellent base in IS with my new knowledge being current. The course was quite challenging!”

 “I would tell future students that they need to be very disciplined to keep up with the level of work expected. Online courses are very challenging and if a student is undisciplined about keeping up with the reading and the assignments they won’t be able to reap the full benefit of the information being presented.”

“I feel that the effort put into the program will reap benefits tenfold.  If the motivation is there, the student will learn many things and will benefit tremendously. I was exposed to some areas in IS/IT that were fascinating and, as a result, have caused me to want to pursue them even after leaving this program.”


The Faculty and Staff

“The support staff were wonderful and always helpful when I reached out to them. I also thought that the level of attention the online students received kept us from feeling like second class citizens. Overall, the quality of the courses was excellent.

“The instructors were very willing to help me succeed… Extremely accessible… I found that it was a greatly rewarding program.”

“What I really liked about the program was that the instructors treated me like a professional colleague.”